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Gary Rayburn:
 Hello Everyone, I am the  Chaplain here at Receiving In God Ministries, you can contact me at P. O. Box 578, Carmi, Il 62821. or drop me a email  at gary.leswilson@gmail.com
 Now here is my story:

“It was august 1995 but I remember it like it was yesterday. My wife Linda was going to this little country church and we had been having trouble with our marriage and so I decided it might help if I was to start going to church with her. Well I had been going a few months and listening to the preacher but it seemed like every week that preacher was standing up there talking about me. So I did what a lot of people do I quit going. Things got worse in our marriage and in my personal life. After one of our arguments I told my wife to just leave I'd had enough. She left alright right and went straight to her pastor and put him onto me. We talked and he read to me from a book on eternal life. The preacher presented Jesus Christ to me but I still had spiritually blind eyes. The next morning I was up early and on the road. As I sat behind the steering wheel of my rig the words of the book replayed through my mind. Without knowing why the tears were streaming down my face and my heart was telling me I needed some relief. I was stubborn and kept saying to myself that I was not going to believe unless God gave me a definite sign. Well, I couldn’t stop the tears so I began to talk with God asking for a sign.

Just as the sun began to lighten up the eastern sky I was driving along on Interstate 55 when I saw it. Out in the middle of a field, off to the side of the highway, I saw a little an old weather beaten, cracked, faded blue sign. The words were still visible and I almost wrecked my truck when I read: CHRIST IS THE ANSWER! I wasn’t sure that was a sign from God. Later in the day a church van passed me on the road and a lady pointed towards heaven as the van passed my truck. I wasn’t sure that was a sign from God. Still later in the day I was rolling back toward home when I came up on this roadside bill board with a giant picture of the face of Jesus on it and the words: THIS ONE’S FOR YOU. I finally yielded my stubborn unbelief and accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of my life. He saved my soul, He cleaned me up inside and out, He set my feet on the straight and narrow, and He healed my marriage by giving me a new outlook on love. Jesus had lifted all my burdens that day and I was floating on high. The problems of every day life are still there but I don't have to face them alone Jesus is always there with me.
This is my testimony in song "At the Foot of the Tree"  My testimony cd is called "This One's For You"  if you haven't heard it I would love to send it to you free of charge just contact me and ask for it.  Gary Rayburn

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