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     2017 Has been an AWESOME year to be on the front lines with Channel 21 Ministries and our ministry partners. This year God has put hundreds of folks in our path to help us get the name of Jesus to the trucking industry and to the world. The longer we are in ministry the more we understand that it takes more than one ministry to get His name heard around the world. Even in this media frenzied world it takes a team of Gods people to share His message. We have added on several more Channel 21 Chaplains this year to help share the Word of God to the industry. 2017 God has put us in places we never thought we would be going. The first week of March we were ask to go to West Plains Mo with Gary Rayburn of Rig Ministries and do a live TV show fundraiser for Light the World Television. If you recall Rig Ministries did 13 episodes called RIG TV back in December 2016. Channel 21 was one of the 13 shows.
     Gary Rayburn and Darrell Spicer with Pastor Dan Duncan of Light the World Television March 2017
 The last week of March we were at the Louisville Ky truck show. This is by far one the of largest truck show in the world. We were so blessed and honored to pray with so many of the folks that past by our table. God showed up and showed out in Louisville that weekend. Dennis and Leslie McKay of the McKay Project provided the praise and worship in our booth. Chaplain John Noel was there from Truckers Friends Network and Good News Distribution, Channel 21 Chaplains Mona Beedle, Sue Hoffman Short, Bruce Phelps and Prayer Line member Robbin Potrafka stop by to help out as well. We handed out thousands of Rig CD’S and hundreds of Bibles. What a mission field to be a part of!!!
But the best blessing and surprise we received that weekend was when this long haired fuzzy faced driver came up to our booth on Saturday morning and said with tears in his eyes, “Hello I’m Doug Sparks”. You see Doug had called Gary on Wednesday night requesting prayer for his wife. The doctors had just found a lump in one of her breast and they told her it didn’t look good. Doug said she was to return to the doctor that Friday to do more tests and find out the results. When Donna went for more test on Friday the lump was gone, no cancer no tumor!!! Doug drove down to Louisville on Saturday morning to give us this testimony. Not only did God perform this miracle, Doug also gave his heart to the Lord Saturday morning at the truck show.
 In June we were invited to speak at the Road Angel Jamboree Brownstown Il. Road Angel is associated with ACT, Association of Christian Truckers. Dennis and Leslie McKay “The McKay Project “also helped out with praise and worship. Channel 21 Road Chaplain Mark McCastle came by and shared his testimony for the drivers. Mark is a true warrior on the front lines for Christ. We had a wonderful time in the Lord with these folks at Road Angel. They not only share the Word with the drivers they will also cook them a meal. Make available free showers and laundry 24hrs a day and free coffee. Now folks, that’s ministry!!!




                         The last weekend in June was our annual cd conference at Rig Ministries in Carmi Il. We had a wonderful time with some great food provided by Danny and Rhoda Dennis of RoDan Transportation. We also had some great fellowship, great praise and worship by Bill Schell, Jim and Ann Davenport, Joe Arview, Mike Manual, Dan Duncan James Payne, The McKay Project and many many more. Several folks shared some incredible messages, Bill Schell, Richard Coss, Candy “Mac” McMullin, James Payne shared the word on Sunday morning. Don’t miss next year’s conference!!!!                                                                         


 In July we were invited to attend the ICGMA “International Christian Gospel Music Awards” in West Plains Mo. Why you may ask was Channel 21 invited to this awards show. Well first of all take a look at our booth. Here is another opportunity to witness. Also RIG TV was up for new TV show of the year. Rig didn’t win but they won top five new show for the 2016/2017 season. Not bad for a couple of old truckers with a face for radio. We had several opportunities to speak with folks in the music industry that are serious about spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. Ann Davenport, James Payne, Mike Manual, Barbara Fairchild, Kevin Rowe, The McKay Project and many many more was there this year. Most of them was up for several different awards. We also made some great contacts with some radio stations. We were interviewed by Marty Smith from Durango Colorado, and also met Bro Greg Dodson from Camp Meeting Radio in Cookeville Tn. Greg invited me to his station to share what we do here at Channel 21 Ministries. So on September the 4th I was able to share our ministry with Bro Greg’s listeners and 8 other channels across the nation. He estimates close to three thousand folks heard the Good News of Jesus that night. Praise God for those opportunities!!! So tune in to Camp Meeting Radio 24hrs a days 7 days a week, you will be blessed!!
We also met Pastors Mike and Doris Merritt from Hugo Ok. They pastor Crossroads Cowboy church in Hugo. They invited us to come out and share with them and their folks what God is doing in the trucking industry. More about this later.


 After the truck show we took Pastors Mike and Doris Merritt up on their invitation to speak at their Cowboy Crossing Church in Hugo Ok. Gary and I followed the McKay’s up to Hugo on Saturday night. I was so excited to go to this church. Mike and Doris love the Lord and I knew this would be a great time in the Lord. The McKay’s sang and had us all on our feet during praise and worship. Brother Gary told them how Rig Ministries is ministering to the trucking industry and beyond. I told the folks how Channel 21 is spreading the Word using the cd’s and Bibles plus the Chaplains sharing their own testimony to the drivers. We had a great time and fellowship with the folks at this wonderful church.
Recently I ask Gary to make some cd’s with my churches logo on them. I was able to bring a message to my church about the cd ministry and how God is moving in the trucking industry. But as Gary Rayburn always says,” This is not just a trucking or oil ministry, IT IS A WHOSOEVER MINISTRY”. So I changed for folks at my church to hand these cd’s out to friends, neighbors, relatives and coworkers. Men and woman of God we have been assigned to reach the world!! Now get out there and get after it!! You are in your mission field!!!  
Gary Rayburn – with Rig Ministries – has partnered with Pastor Dan Duncan and TV 38, in West Plains, Missouri, to produce a one-hour TV show. The show is called RIG MINISTRIES TV.  Gary and his co-host, Joe Arview, interview different ministries with which they have partnered.   In December 2016, they produced 13 one-hour episodes of Rig Ministries TV.  Channel 21 was one of those one-hour shows.  God has provided yet another way to spread the Gospel.

We have been invited to become involved with satellite radio in 2017, doing a daily devotional called JUMP START YOUR DAY, for the drivers. We will be on the Tim Ridley show, Channel 146, on Sirius/XM RADIO.  Tim is an awesome man of God.  Senior Chaplain, Richie Turnbo, Chaplain Gary Rayburn, and I will be doing a different devotional each morning.  We thank God for all of these opportunities, and pray for thousands of lives to be reached for Christ.

Channel 21 looks forward to 2017, as we all know our Lord works in mysterious, exciting ways.  If you are a Christian driver, please joinChannel 21 – and all of our ministry partners – in sharing God’s Word in 2017.

Please give us a call anytime at 615-663-3199.

Be blessed and safe out there!

Chaplain Darrell Spicer

  Founder of Channel 21 Ministries Darrell Spicer, & Chaplain Steven Dunivan at the Mid America Truck Show 2016 in Louisville,Ky.
 Channel 21 Ministries is proud to work closely with Rig Ministries and many of the Trucking Ministries across our great Country!
Jump Start your Week @ 5:25 AM each Monday morning on the Tim Ridley Show Channel 146 on Sirius/XM radio.  Chaplain Gary Rayburn of Rig Ministries will be joining Tim Each Monday live on the telephone to jump start your week....Chaplain Gary would love to hear from the drivers, and send you some free cd's to listen to as you travel the highways each week. Just contact us with your mailing address and we can mail them to you or listen to our podcast.
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Rig Ministries Chaplain Gary Rayburn has teamed up with "The McKay Project to produce a very special Music CD just for you the Truckers!  This CD is a Collection of songs written by Gary Rayburn, Dennis McKay and friends of Rig Ministries.  You can order your copy through rig Ministries website  

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