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Channel 21 Ministries has been developed due to a growing need in the trucking industry for some structure between family life and the life of a trucker. Carriers have many needs but none of these needs can be fulfilled without a well balanced driver behind the wheel of their truck. Society puts a lot of pressure on the working men and women of today. Drivers have to maintain a healthy family life and also a healthy working relationship with their employer. The carriers of today are measured not just by the lowest rate but by service. Most customers maintain a low inventory and this requires carriers to have a fleet of drivers that can pick up and deliver on time and in a safe manner. Many eyes are on the driver to ensure he/she performs their job in a manner that meets the carrier’s requirements. Pressure brought on by CSA and the driving public puts a lot of pressure on the drivers.

Most drivers have a family life that the industry isn't at all too kind to. Drivers get home late on weekends and many times have to leave out early. The time spent with the family is valuable time, but it puts stress on a driver that has little ones at home and little time at home. Drivers have the same issues at home as a person with a nine to five job. The industry requires drivers to be professional, courteous and dependable at all times; they have pressure most of us will never know.

Being a driver for most carriers is a wonderful opportunity for a man or woman to meet the financial obligations of their family. It is also a blessing to work for a carrier that is faith based and who cares for their drivers. We have found that faith based carriers not only care for the driver’s financial needs, but also recognize emotional and spiritual needs of their driver. That is why Channel 21 Ministries is looking for opportunities to partner up with faith based carriers. Drivers who are interested in ministry opportunities, have your carrier contact Channel 21 Ministries.

      Then I said, Here am I Send me. And He said, Go, and tell this
              people: Keep on hearing, but do not understand:
Keep on seein but do not perceive.

Mission statement

Our mission and goal is to be a calming voice in the hectic world of trucking. To place Chaplains in the workplace that will encourage and lift up our fellow drivers. To show others the reason for our joy and peace.

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